6 ways giving to ArtsWave strengthens Cincinnati

Posted at 12:47 PM, Mar 03, 2017

Do you want to have a role in helping your community but aren't sure how to do it?

You may want to participate in community events or contribute to good organizations, but it’s difficult to know where your help is most needed and what type of impact it will have in the future.

Consider ArtsWave, a local nonprofit that plans, promotes and funds a variety of arts performances and activities around Cincinnati, increasing social awareness and enjoyment of the arts.

Here are six ways your donation to ArtsWave strengthens Cincinnati:

1. Educational programs

The arts can play a major role in education, and it’s important to continue such an important aspect of Cincinnati culture. Fuel your children’s creativity and learning through affordable and often free community events and classes. Whether it’s a painting class or a percussion lesson, you and your family can develop problem-solving skills and creativity together through art programs offered by ArtsWave.

2. Economy-building activities

Many factors contribute to grassroots economic growth, but one thing is certain: No one functions in a vacuum. The interconnectedness of businesses functions much like different species in an ecosystem. In particular, when small businesses get involved in the community, it benefits everybody — both consumers and entrepreneurs.

ArtsWave partners with many of Cincinnati’s local restaurants, bars and breweries for the annual Toast to the Arts cocktail competition. This is a great opportunity for people to have a good night out on the town and give back to the arts at the same time. The competition runs through April 17th, and you cast your vote for your favorite cocktail here.

3. Neighborhood pride

Public art centers and their corresponding shows and performances help people feel proud of their neighborhood. This enlivens friendly competition, along with striving to improve just for the fun of it. Residents and families can participate in events while also promoting the latest activity to friends outside their immediate spheres. ArtsWave strives to provide a variety of opportunities to businesses and residents for everyone's enjoyment.

4. Tourist attractions

Whether you are a local or a tourist, you probably enjoy going to see a play, musical performance or art show. These events bring people together from all walks of life and put Cincinnati’s name on the map. The more that locals enjoy and promote these activities, the more tourism will increase, along with spending, which benefits the area. Travelers seek entertainment that expands their cultural horizons and, thanks to organizations like ArtsWave, tourists can get that in Cincinnati.



5. Increased cultural understanding

People fear the unfamiliar, and the arts are an incredible way to teach and learn about different cultures. As one becomes more familiar with new and exciting cultures through the arts, there tends to be less misunderstanding, offense and discord. You can help bridge cultural divides and celebrate diversity by giving to local arts programs which, in turn, help to start a healthy and open conversation about differences.

6. Lasting engagement

While donating to many organizations might temporarily make a difference, ArtsWave focuses on making donations count for years to come. For example, the arts deepen roots in the Cincinnati region, ensuring that young talent remains in the area while continuing to grow. The arts also keep people coming back for new experiences or exploration. Even big name companies that hire executives to come to the Cincinnati area find it easy to convince their employees to move because of the healthy nightlife and artistic draws to the area.

When you donate to ArtsWave, you’ll help all members of the community and aid educational programs. You'll also directly benefit yourself, as a donation can give you access to the coveted ArtsPass, which offers year-round unlimited access to festivals, performances and more at discounted prices.