'We Rock the Spectrum' gives kids with disabilities a place to play

Posted at 12:37 PM, Oct 07, 2020

CINCINNATI — Taylor Singleton’s life’s work is play. Her business is pleasure.

The 25-year-old Wyoming graduate has dedicated her life to making sure all children, no matter their disability or limitation, have a place to play.

She’s trying to make the world better by making it bigger, one child at a time.

It all began with her nephew, who has learning disabilities.

“Growing up and seeing him have difficulties being included with his typically developing peers was an eye-opener for me,” Singleton said. “School was difficult for him but recreation was where he was able to find friends. That’s how I found what I like to do.”

With him, and countless other children in mind, Singleton opened We Rock The Spectrum in early September in Deer Park. The 3,000-square-foot facility is dedicated to giving every child a safe place to run and play.

Every piece of equipment has a sensory element to it, making it accessible for children on the spectrum or with various disabilities and limitations.

“Inclusion is big for me. It’s become my life passion,” Singleton said. “Opening a kids gym for all kids is giving them a place to see people that are not only different from them but also feel like a family when they come here.”

WCPO 9 News visited the gym on opening day and asked siblings Selma and Adam, ages 11 and 5, about what they thought of the playground.

Adam said his favorite part was “everything.” Selma said it was “an awesome place to play and if you ever fall or anything happens, you’ll land on a soft area.”

Opening during a pandemic didn’t come without some hardships, said Singleton.

“We had some challenges. It set us back just a few months but it made us more willing to put in the work to get the place open,” Singleton said.

It’ll be a world of difference for Singleton’s nephew, who has yet to see the completed playground. When that time comes, the door will be open for him and all children.