Watch: Trevor Bauer’s free agency wish list

The Cy Young winner addresses what he desires in signing with a club in a 14-minute vlog
Posted at 11:22 AM, Jan 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-14 13:23:07-05

CINCINNATI — What does Trevor Bauer want? One of the best traits of the first pitcher to win a Cy Young award in Reds history is his lack of spin, off the field. On Sunday, Bauer sat down and vlogged for just over 14 minutes about the key issues that he wants addressed in his free agency.

He makes it clear he views whichever team he signs with will be a partnership – his new team must be willing to learning from him and vice versa. That entails allowing Bauer some freedom both on and off the mound too.

In many ways, Bauer is the face and arm of a shift in the modern way pitchers train. In the vlog, he claims he’s the first pitcher to utilize weighted balls while training. It was a practice his first organization, the Arizona Diamondbacks, pushed back on. Now, it’s a common sight around the game.

The former self-described outcast wants some of his training methods to be included, saying in the vlog, “I want an organization that’s open to learning from me.”

One unorthodox desire: pitching every 4th day, as opposed to the standard five days of rest. Bauer says the data he has on his performance indicates he’s best served to pitch on this schedule.

Away from the park, Bauer insists on pursuing happiness, saying at one point, “I spent a lot my life unhappy as a player and a person. I don’t want to go back to being miserable.”

He wants to connect with the fans in the market he plays for – he insists market size isn’t a major factor. Bauer says early in the vlog he had great experiences in both Cincinnati and Cleveland – two smaller-market clubs. Geography won’t be a determining aspect.

Having a chance to win a World Series year in and year out was deemed as “super important.” With the Indians in 2016, Bauer was a game away from winning it all. He says he wants that experience again. Whichever franchise he signs with must be dedicated to winning, not just satisfied with making the postseason. A buyer at the trade deadline, not a seller. At one point he says his career is too short to be attached to a rebuilding club.

Compensation was the last factor he mentions in the vlog. Money is an avenue to do things he’s passionate about – nothing more nor less. He says he just wants to be fairly compensated, but throws out no dollar amount.

Bauer never mentions how long of a contract he wishes to sign. It’s been reported he just wants a one-year deal.

That’s what the soon-to-be 30-year-old pitcher wants (his birthday is Sunday). Will he get it is the next question.