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WCPO's Mike Canan will answer questions about our coronavirus coverage on Friday

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Posted at 5:13 AM, Apr 01, 2020

In normal times, people have many questions about our journalism.

Now, with a heightened need for information amid stressful times with the coronavirus, there are even more questions.

That's why at noon Friday I will be on the WCPO Facebook account answering your questions about our coronavirus coverage.

To be clear, I'm not a doctor. I can't answer medical questions.

But I am eager to help explain our newsroom's decisions and how our journalists are doing their jobs these days. And I'm equally eager to hear how you think we are doing.

In November, I did something similar and conducted an "Ask Me Anything" session on our Facebook account. I spent several hours answering questions about our journalism in general. I also received some excellent feedback that helped our journalism better serve all of you.

This time, I would like to keep questions and feedback focused on journalism related to COVID-19.

We have done several stories explaining how our team is covering the virus:

  • Here's how we have moved most of our staff to working remotely.
  • I also wrote about two initiatives we have going right now: We're Open focuses on local businesses and Acts of Kindness is about people doing positive things right now.

Please join me at noon Friday on Facebook to discuss our coverage. Or you can always reach me at the email and Twitter accounts below.

Mike Canan is the Senior Director of Local Media Content at WCPO 9. Contact him at mike.canan@wcpo.com. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram at @Mike_Canan.