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Ken Broo

Posted at 1:43 PM, Mar 24, 2014
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When did you start working here? December 16, 2013, although many, many (many) years ago, I interned in the WCPO promotion department before my senior year at Ohio University. I shared a two bedroom apartment with former 9 On Your Side reporter, Eric Land and current 9 On Your Side Reporter, Tom McKee. I’ll leave it to your imagination who had to share a bedroom

Where else have you worked? I’ve worked in Cincinnati television 23 of the last 27 years. I worked four years in Washington, DC, in between. And before that I worked at stations in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Tampa-St. Petersburg. Along the way, I’ve also had the privilege of doing play-by-play for several teams, including the Cincinnati Bengals, as well as working at WLW Radio as a talk host.

Where did you go to college? I matriculated at and graduated from “The Harvard On The Hocking River” “THE” Ohio University (not OSU)

What are you most proud of when it comes to your work?That I can make people who aren’t usually interested in sports take an interest in the stories I tell.

What are you most proud of in your own life? My two children, Matt and Caitlin, both attorneys, both prosecutors. My son is a Hamilton County prosecutor and my daughter is a prosecutor in the City of Cincinnati.  They throw bad guys in jail.

What do you love about living in the Tri-State? It’s home, it’s beautiful. I often refer to Cincinnati as “The Greatest City in the World”

What are your favorite local hangouts/places, sports & cultural institutions? You know where I spend most of my time: GABP US Bank Arena and Paul Brown Stadium.  I don’t ‘hang out’. But I do have several places that I love to dine: The Boathouse, any of Jeff Ruby’s places, El Coyote, Tony’s, there are so many.

All time favorites (movies, music, books, shows, etc…)? Every ABC show, right? Good answer! My favorite movie of all time is Casablanca. I’ll watch any movie Bogart is in. I’ll watch any move Nicholas Cage is in. Nerdy nervousness is his specialty. I’ll watch any movie Marisa Tomei is in. I’m guessing she’d watch any newscast I would appear in. But that’s only a guess.

Apps you can't live without? 9 On Your Side, ESPN, Sirius-XM and IHeartRadio

Tell us more! I have always thought it’s a privilege and an honor for viewers to invite me into their homes, via television. It’s something I’ve never taken lightly. Now, having the privilege to work at a terrific organization like 9 On Your Side, I feel truly blessed.


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