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A Scripps News visual investigation dives deep into Hamas attack

Scripps News has combed through hundreds of videos showing how the attack unfolded — and it's harrowing.
A Scripps News visual investigation dives deep into Hamas attack
Posted at 8:31 PM, Oct 09, 2023

The Israel Defense Forces called up an unprecedented 300,000 reservists in response to the surprise attack from Hamas. As the situation grows more serious every hour, a Scripps News visual investigation uncovers new information about what's happening. We've combed through hundreds of videos showing how the attack unfolded — and it's harrowing. 

Other more recent videos show Israeli military equipment building up.

"Let me be crystal clear, Israel will respond with determination and force to their unprovoked war crimes," said Daniel Hagari, the IDF spokesperson.  

Hamas launched its attack early Saturday morning using a combined force of boats, drones, motorcycles, trucks packed with fighters — even paragliders.

Video released by the group shows militants blowing holes in a wall guarding Israel. Then dozens of fighters stream through — attacking multiple Israel Defense Force camps near the border.

Looking at satellite imagery from Sentinel, multiple columns of smoke can been seen from the area around noon Saturday.

Three spots in particular, where communication pylons that dot the landscape near the border were specifically targeted, show how coordinated this attack was.

Military garrisons along the border were the first targets of Hamas. The group shared multiple videos as they overran the camps and captured military equipment and personnel.

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Next, they targeted nearby Israeli villages. Videos showed Hamas reaching some of these towns with little to no resistance.

Graphic videos soon emerged showing civilians either being dragged from their homes or killed in the streets.

One of the biggest massacres took place at an outdoor music festival hosted by a group called Tribe of Nova — it was about three miles outside the Gaza border.

Hundreds of attendees were there as Hamas missiles were intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome. Music was still playing.

Hamas fighters soon appeared, sparking panic. Attendees that weren't able to escape in time were either kidnapped or killed.

The full death toll is still unclear, though it is in the hundreds. Missing person posts are being shared on social media.

"To my mind, not since the Holocaust, have so many Jews been killed in one day. And not since the Holocaust have we witnessed scenes of Jewish women, children, grandparents even Holocaust survivors being herded into trucks and taken into captivity," said Isaac Herzog, the President of Israel.

There's evidence Hamas made it as far as Ofakim, about 15 miles into southern Israel. In all, Hamas was able to abduct dozens of people back across the border into Gaza.

Hamas is now threatening to execute these hostages on camera. Meanwhile, Israeli attacks on Gaza are ramping up with more civilian casualties.

Israeli fire has killed hundreds of Palestinian people. There is growing concern about the impact on civilians as Israel pledges to cut off food, water, fuel and power to Palestinians in Gaza. Hamas says it won't back down.

Correction: In a previous version of this story, Scripps News characterized Hamas targets in southern Israel as "controversial settlements." While Hamas views Israel's claim to that land as illegitimate, the areas are within Israel's internationally recognized borders. This story has been updated. 

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