Pierce Township police hand out golden tickets to citizens who do the right thing

PIERCE TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- Getting cited by the police doesn't always have to be a bad thing in Pierce Township. 

Police Chief Jeff Bachman said his men have added a new type of ticket to their arsenal: A yellow slip recognizing the actions of residents who take time to do the right thing for others.

"You'll get a call from maybe a disabled motorist, someone with a flat tire, and you pull up and someone is already changing that tire," Bachman said. 

Those are the people the new golden tickets, each of which comes with a $10 Walmart gift card, will honor. Bachman said he hoped the initiative would inject some happiness into his community and help people connect with police in a positive way.

"We see a lot of negativity on the news, in our job, but why not accent the positive?" he said. "People do good things."

The stories behind golden ticket winners will be posted on the Pierce Township Police Department's Facebook page, he added. 

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