One year later: Officer Jason Ellis no closer to justice, death still unsolved

What happened after 'Exit 34'?

The fallen hero posters have faded, their tape wearing thin. Flags that line the street in this idyllic town, in the middle of Bourbon country, somberly wave in the gentle, southern breeze. Seasons have come and gone. 
                    But the aching questions remain:
                    Who would ambush Bardstown Police Officer —and Batavia, Ohio native —Jason Ellis on that cool, clear morning a year ago as he finished his shift and headed home to his wife and two young sons?
                    Who wanted Ellis dead?
                    And why?
                    It's the questions and the not knowing, despite the thousands of tips and hundreds of leads, that still haunt Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin.
                    It's the not knowing, the speculation and the mystery that leave many in the town skittish.
                    It's a year that has been filled with frustration and fear.
                    Meanwhile, Ellis' fellow officers on Bardstown Police Department cannot forget their fallen brother and friend.
                    It all began on Exit 34.


WCPO Insiders get a first look inside the investigation into the ambush execution of Ellis before the story becomes public on Sunday - one year to the day of his slaying. 

WCPO reporter Jessica Noll has spent months covering the case, interviewing his wife, officers, investigators, forensic experts and consultants. She's reviewed dozens of hours of police radio transmissions, public records and the autopsy report. In this article, she takes you to the crime scene that fateful morning a year ago and you hear from those who were there and what has happened in the year since. Is the case close to being solved or growing colder by the minute?



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