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Look Inside This Storybook ‘Winnie The Pooh’-Inspired ‘Bearbnb’

Look Inside This Storybook ‘Winnie The Pooh’-Inspired ‘Bearbnb’
Posted at 7:30 AM, Sep 23, 2021

An adorable custom-built “Bearbnb” that looks just like Winnie the Pooh’s Tree House opened up in England, offering a rare storybook-inspired stay. Hosting the Airbnb stay as part of Disney’s 95th anniversary celebrations is Kim Raymond, a Disney-appointed Winnie the Pooh illustrator who has been drawing the iconic bear for more than three decades.

While reservations for the Sept. 24-25 weekend stay got snapped up quickly, and the rental was only available to current United Kingdom residents, it’s fun to take a peek inside this sweet-as-honey treehouse that looks like it was decorated by Winnie the Pooh himself.

The treehouse can accommodate four people and it’s tucked away in Ashdown Forest, the area that inspired the Hundred Acre Woods inhabited by Pooh Bear and his friends.

Here’s a look inside:

Henry Woide / Airbnb

Raymond worked with a team of experts to bring Winnie the Pooh’s “Tree House” to life as it’s depicted in the classic A.A. Milne tales. To execute the design, the house facade has tree branches wrapping around the red doorway with “Mr. Sanders” inscribed above.

Raymond designed a bespoke honey wallpaper and the space has some major cottagecore vibes. Naturally, the kitchen cupboards are stocked with “hunny pots.”

“The ‘Bearbnb’ is a unique experience that brings the charm of Pooh to life for fans, whilst honoring the original adventures that have been so important to many people for 95 years,” Raymond said in a news release.

The double bed is on the floor level and the single beds are suspended on the mezzanine level, accessible via timber ladders.

If you get to stay in the Bearbnb someday, just imagine donning your favorite red T-shirt and lounging here:

Henry Woide / Airbnb

House rules are infused with a little whimsy: “Multiple naps are permitted” and “strictly no heffalumps inside the house.” And of course, “a snack of ‘a little something’ encouraged at 11 o’clock in the morning.”

The little cottage rented for $124 a night. Here’s hoping this charming rental will open again in the future!

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