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US woman secures Guinness world record for loudest burp

US woman secures Guinness world record for loudest burp
Posted at 10:50 AM, Aug 10, 2023

Every discipline has its greats: Michael Jordan. Serena Williams. Maria Callas. Kimycola.

That final name is a recent addition to this Mount Olympus of excellence. Her real name, however, is Kimberly Winter, and she now holds the world record for the loudest burp by a female. She’s American.


Winter — who goes by Kimycola on TikTok — produced a 107.3-decibel blast to break the record, according to Guinness World Records. She barely squeaked by the previous record of 107, set in 2009, but that doesn’t matter.

She’s louder than a subway train. She’s the loudest lady belcher in the world.

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According to The Washington Post, Winter is 33 years old and a mother of two, but she discovered her gift as a kid. She didn’t realize just how loud she was, though, until she got kicked out of a bar for her burps.

“I just kind of like being loud and proud,” she told the Post.

Winter contacted the Guinness World Records organization to learn the official rules for setting a burp record. She needed to professionally record the attempt with a microphone held exactly 8 feet, 2 inches from her face.

She also had to burp in a “dead room,” that is, a pro-level sound studio that tamps down reverb. So she contacted her fave radio station, DC101 in Rockville, Maryland, to see about using one of their studios.

They agreed, and Winter set to work. Just like any renowned artist or sports champion, she experimented with her craft, testing different combinations of foods and beverages, anything that could turn a deep breath into “something monstrous and magical,” as she told the Guinness World Records site.

Here’s her story, posted to the Guinness World Records’ YouTube.

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And so it was that in April, Kimberly Winter, of Spotsylvania Courthouse, Virginia, achieved a thundering, orotund emission on the “Elliot in the Morning Show” after a visit to Dunkin’ Donuts and with help from a Coors Light.

The record was broken; the assembled audience cheered; glory rained down.

And yet, Winter still wasn’t content.

“I can be so much louder than that; that was nothing,” she told the Post.

The journey continues.

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