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Meet Joy Naylor, co-founder of CAPER (Cincinnati Area Paranormal Existence Research)

Posted at 4:19 PM, Oct 23, 2014
and last updated 2016-10-19 07:50:45-04

The following Q&A is part of our "Faces of the Paranormal" series, profiling local paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. For more Haunted Tri-State coverage, click here.

Tell me about the origin of CAPER and how many cases your team has done.

I started the Para Research Foundation in 1992 and from there I met Michele. Together we started CAPER (Cincinnati Area Paranormal Existence Research)in 2004. We average about 12 cases a year. I've personally logged about 400 cases.

How many times do you believe your experienced something truly paranormal?

Over the past 22 years, I have only ran into about 5 percent being truly haunted.

How often are you called to investigate a home or business?

Every few days we have callers that want us to come and investigate. First, we gather information from the caller and then we'll set up a meeting to "consult" first. Within that first meeting, many times we can give them advice or find a natural cause to their situation.

What made you want to do this?

In 1990, I moved to a home that turned out to be "haunted." Back then, there was no help like there is today. I was referred to Dave Oester who taught me how to deal with what was going on in my home. With that information, I took my real estate and construction knowledge to help people understand a lot of the natural causes that can be going on in their home. I have had paranormal experiences my whole life, and my mom and dad would tell me about experiences that they had growing up. I wanted to be around people who had also had experiences and to learn more about the paranormal.

Is this a side-gig for all of you?

I work in real state and insurance. I've been licensed more than 20 years. I don't know if I would call it a side-gig, but I do have to have my day job. Unless you are lucky enough to get a popular TV show, you have to work.

Do people ever mock you for doing this?

Sure they get a good laugh at the "ghost hunter" in the office, but they eventually tell their "ghost story." Everyone has a story. From that information, then I begin to education them in the paranormal.

What was your scariest experience working as an investigator? 

My scariest experience was in Gettysburg. I was in the Wheatfield and saw a solder on horseback. He stopped in front of me, got off the horse and touched my face. I was frozen in my spot. It was during one of my first investigations.

What's something you've seen or experienced that you have no other explanation for other than it being paranormal?

We had an EVP(electronic voice phenomenon) session that lasted around 10 minutes (one of the longest we've ever recorded) that has direct answers to our questions with the aid of a KII meter. Still to this day, one of the best sessions we have ever recorded.

In your opinion, what's the single most haunted place in the Tri-State region?

Music Hall and Washington Park. There are very unsettled spirits there.