Reds will spot Billy Hamilton at DH for now

Posted at 2:56 PM, Mar 02, 2016

GOODYEAR, Ariz.- Billy Hamilton was in the lineup Wednesday for the first time this spring, but he was at designated hitter.

The Reds are bringing their center fielder along slowly following right (throwing) shoulder surgery Sept. 29.

“He’s having the same fatigue issues,” Price said. “They’re consistent with the surgery. I’ll flip him back around between DH and the outfield based on how he’s feeling. He has days where he’s feeling really, really good. He’s thrown from the infield, he’s thrown several times from the outfield without any limitations. But when he has a day when he’s feeling that achiness, I just flip him into the DH spot.”

Hamilton, who went 0-for 2 with a strikeout Wednesday, hasn’t had any setbacks per se. 

“Shoulders are a son-of-a-gun,” Price said. “Just when you think you’re over the hump, it’ll come back and tell you it’s got a little ways to go until it’s 100 percent. Not a concern right now for Opening Day readiness. But we’ll be a little conservative on the front end.”