2 Indiana cheerleaders help retrieve ball stuck behind backboard during NCAA tournament game

Posted at 12:42 PM, Mar 18, 2022

Two Indiana cheerleaders came to the rescue when a basketball became stuck behind the backboard and shot clock during an NCAA tournament game.

The moment happened during the second half of Indiana vs. St. Mary's game on Thursday when Saint Mary's tipped the ball into the air, and it lodged behind the backboard, CBS Sports reported.

According to Sports Illustrated, when Saint Mary's 6-foot-10-inch center Matthias Tass couldn't reach it using a mop handle and a referee couldn't reach it with a chair, Hoosier cheerleaders Nathan Paris and Cassidy Cerny teamed up to get the ball down.

Appearing on "Today," Paris said they decided to help when nothing else was working.

Paris explained that their cheer captain Ethan suggested that the tallest member of their squad, which was Paris, lift somebody up, which is precisely what Paris did.

The game resumed after about a minute of stoppage time.

Indiana went on to lose to St. Mary 82-53.