Duke Energy's tips for saving energy this summer

Posted at 4:30 AM, Jul 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-06 06:41:33-04

The typical American family spends at least $2,200 on home utility bills each year, according to Duke Energy, and a lot of that cost comes from unnecessary power use.

Although few of us would choose to live without comforts such as air conditioning, heating and electric light, most of us leave these things on at times we don’t need them, like when we’re out of the house. We might also use them to a greater degree than necessary. (As in, do you really need your home to be 75 degrees in the middle of winter, or would 70 be okay?)

Jim Morton, a field supervisor with Duke Energy, said any family can make a few simple adjustments to reduce their energy usage -- and therefore their bill -- over the summer.

  • Insulate the first six feet of pipes connected to your water heater. This means your home won’t be expending as much energy on heating water.
  • Replace your light bulbs with compact florescent or LED bulbs, which use less power.
  • Make sure your vents are sealed to prevent your air conditioning and heating from going to waste.
  • Use cold water for your laundry rather than hot.

Want to know how energy-efficient your home is? Duke can send a field supervisor like Morton to check it out, give you advice and even provide free energy-efficient supplies such as LED bulbs. If you’re interested, you can learn more online.