Toilet paper prank flushes away chances at state championship for Maryland field hockey team

SEVERNA PARK, Md. -- A simple high school tradition run amok has flushed away a high school girls' field hockey team's chances at another run to the state championship.

The Severna Park Falcons have traditionally tossed toilet paper onto Coach Ann Andrews' home after winning the regional championship, which the perennial powerhouse wins often, The Washington Post reports.

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On Wednesday night, though, they didn't stop at just TPing their coach's home. They moved on to several friends' houses, but "they maybe have gotten some of the houses wrong," Andrews said. Oops. WJZ reports the girls also wrote on driveways with sidewalk chalk and on vehicles with washable glass markers.

Severna Park Principal Patrick Bathras suspended the entire roster of 24 girls and three coaches for one game for their antics. Not to be outdone, Anne Arundel County Public Schools Superintendent George Arlotto ordered that the team couldn't compete in the state semifinals.

"You have innocent members of the community who now have to spend hours cleaning up trash and food and whatever else exists at their residences," school spokesman Bob Mosier told WJZ.

Andrews insisted her players didn't act with malice.

“They are amazing women,” she told The Washington Post. “They got out of hand and made some bad decisions. That doesn’t make them bad people. They’re upset they forfeited the game, but they’re more sad they let some people down.”

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