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Texas man searches for 'heroes' who scaled freeway wall to rescue dog

Posted at 12:21 PM, Dec 27, 2019

HOUSTON — A Texas man wants to thank two men who helped rescue his dog that was trapped along a freeway.

Only he doesn't know who the men are, where they’re from or where they were heading when they decided to help.

Sookie, an 8-year-old pooch, took herself on a very long walk all over the streets of Houston.

"She disappeared on Thursday,” Avrim Fishkind, Sookie’s human, told KTRK. “There is a gate behind us and people were painting the house."

Her owner says she is usually a very good girl and sticks around the house. But for whatever reason, that day she ran.

“Then came the great race to find the dog,” Fishkind said.

This meant countless online posts, fliers, walking the neighborhood and even robocalls.

Four days later, the phone rang.

"I was like, ‘oh my gosh we have your dog,’ and I was so excited,” Casey Joshi said.

Sookie was found just a few feet underneath the freeway at the 527 spur.

“You could tell she was terrified,” Patricia Alnaser said.

Her rescue involved a can of food, a really tall ladder, a lot of patience, lots of running and several caring Texans.

"So I was on my way home from the grocery store,” Joshi said.

“We were headed to the store and just out for a walk in the afternoon,” Alnaser added.

Joshi and Alnaser are just two of the good souls who came to Sookie’s rescue, eventually getting her down after a few hours and back home.

But this happy ending isn't quite done yet.

Two mystery men assisted in the rescue, providing a ladder in order to scale a freeway wall to rescue the lost dog.

“The two men had gotten a can of food,” Joshi said.

“One of the guys went up the ladder and tried to get her,” Alnaser said.

The two men were a huge help, but nobody got their names.

Fishkind said he owes them a huge thanks.

“I want to thank whoever you are,” Fishkind said. “They said they had to get to the airport. I don't know anything about what happened to them. They are just two men that I really have to thank."

The family is calling them "their heroes."