Sign with swastikas, praise for KKK taped to synagogue door in Florida

Posted at 9:36 PM, Feb 05, 2018

Who is spreading a message of hate? That's what police in Port St. Lucie want to know, as fliers promoting hate groups and denigrating others have turned up on utility poles in the city.

In one instance, a flier was found taped to a synagogue door.  Five fliers have been found since Thursday.

On Thursday, one of Rabbi Bruce Benson’s congregants at Temple Beth El Israel found a flier taped to a door.

“I took a look and realized we did have a problem," said Bruce Benson, a rabbi at Temple Beth El Israel.

The included a large swastika abd phrases praising Adolf Hitler and the KKK.

“For someone in this day and age to say Hitler did nothing wrong, is sort of remarkable," Benson said.

Police are on close patrol of the synagogue and congregants are on alert.

“We need them to continue to be vigilant, to keep their eyes open. It’s devastating to a community. It makes you wonder where hate comes from," Benson said.

“It’s not representative of this community.  It’s very disturbing, It’s inflammatory," said Master Sergeant Frank Sabol with the Port St. Lucie Police Department.

Beyond trespassing and code enforcement violations, police are looking into other possible charges for those who have been posted the signs.

Police are asking residents if they find one of these fliers, not to rip it and throw it away but to call them so they can collect it for evidence.