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Wedding boom great for business not for brides

COVID-19 can still screw up the big day
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Posted at 1:50 PM, Jun 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-22 14:10:11-04

LOVELAND, Ohio — The summer wedding boom is in full swing as couples from across the Tri-State frantically plan for their big day.

The influx of weddings is great for vendors and venues who lost enormous business at the height of COVID-19, but that boom is making it difficult for brides.

According to experts, some brides are so desperate to find a date on the calendar, that they’re willing to get married any day of the week.

Heather Riley became Heather Heidel earlier this month at a ceremony at The Oasis in Loveland.

She said planning her wedding wasn’t easy. First, she had to nail down a date and venue and after touring The Oasis, she said she had just a week to make a final decision or risk losing the availability. Then, the minute she had a venue, Heather said she started booking vendors.

Despite all her planning and everything eventually working out, COVID still threw one part of her dream wedding off the rails.

“We pushed the wedding out to this month because we were really hopeful that COVID would be in the rear view and we wouldn’t have to deal with it,” Heather said. “Three days ago, one of my bridesmaids actually tested positive for COVID. So that was a huge, huge disappointment not being able to have her here.”

Cancellations because of COVID impact bridal parties and guest lists, keeping brides on their toes up until the actual day of the wedding.

“I cried for an entire day, I was just so upset, it was such a bummer,” Heather said.

Despite the setback, Heather said her wedding went off without a hitch.

According to wedding vendors, the volume of weddings will slow as we enter the cooler months and that’s when brides can expect competition to slow down a bit.

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