Norwood still recovering from August flash flooding

Posted at 5:30 PM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-04 18:47:56-04

NORWOOD, Ohio -- More than a month after floods hit calls are still coming in daily from people impacted by the storms in Norwood and Saint Bernard.

Some residents are still without hot water. Others are racing to get their furnaces fixed before the weather turns colder.

Music therapy studio Melodic Connections was among those hit by the flash flooding in August.  They lost nearly all their instruments and music.

"It ended up being almost worse than anything I could imagine," Betsey Nuseibeh of Melodic Connections said.

People from around the Tri-State donated instruments, and now their students can play again. However, their studio can no longer be used, so they're playing in temporary spaces.

"Now we need to find our home," Nuseibeh said.

They're not alone. Wastewater collection superintendent Mike Pittinger said the Metropolitan Sewer District is still receiving calls about flood damage. They've had 2,400 reports so far, though most of the cleanup is now done.

Now residents are replacing what was lost, and the number of claims is quickly increasing.

"It's sort of like a tidal wave that's moving through here," Pittinger said.

Officials are urging residents to call if they find something that had been damaged by flooding so they can try to get them the help they need.