UC's Tuberville issues apology after he told fan to 'go to hell'

Posted at 7:11 PM, Nov 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-08 05:43:35-05

CINCINNATI -- The University of Cincinnati’s head football coach, Tommy Tuberville, issued an apology Sunday after he told a fan to ‘go to hell’following the Bearcats 20-3 loss to BYU Saturday at Nipper Stadium. 

The apology, posted on Tuberville’s Twitter account, said he “had a regrettable outburst at a moment of great frustration.”

Tuberville’s apology comes just hours after the University of Cincinnati Athletic Director Mike Bohn issued a statement regarding the incident.

In his statement, Bohn said Tuberville "was put in a no-win situation in front of his team last night which resulted in an out of character response for him. He expressed frustrations from an emotional game.”

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Tuberville’s full apology said:

“I don’t like losing any more than our fans, donors, players and supporters. Emotions can get the best of us. I had a regrettable outburst at a moment of great frustration. I apologize for that and we will fix it. We are committed to get this thing right. We are already back at work to make this football team better. Our season is not over and we are going to continue to keep working hard.”