Christian Slater takes a break from 'The Public' shoot to visit Cincinnati Art Museum

Posted at 5:34 PM, Feb 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-08 17:35:52-05

CINCINNATI -- It’s hard to tell when you’re really seeing “Mr. Robot” star Christian Slater these days and when he’s just an elaborate, "Fight Club"-esque delusion born out of your own instability, but we’re pretty sure he was spotted Wednesday at the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Photos don’t lie, right?

The actor is in Cincinnati this month to film "The Public," a drama directed by and starring fellow ‘80s icon Emilio Estevez. His co-stars, including Alec Baldwin and “Westworld" and "Hunger Games" star Jeffrey Wright, have been spotted enjoying other local staples such Arnold’s Bar and Grill during the shoot.

And, look, we’re not saying we have that level of star power -- unless you’re a casting director reading this -- but WCPO is participating in the film via a loan of our satellite truck and another vehicle. 

We’re glad Slater and the rest of the cast are enjoying the Queen City. All we ask is that Mr. Robot doesn’t stage a hacker uprising here without giving us a one-on-one interview first.