Clinton County home offers a chance to recover from addiction

Posted at 4:30 AM, Aug 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-01 07:24:01-04

WILMINGTON, Ohio -- What looks like an out-of-the-way farm in Clinton County is actually  a home for people recovering from heroin addiction.

Clean Acres is run by New Housing Ohio. It's the only recovery home for men in the entire county. They're seeing success for some, but there's a waiting list for others to get in the nine-bed facility.

House Manager Mark Hubbard said they could probably fill twice as many beds. They've been full the past six months.

"The need is incredible," he said.

There were 15 overdose deaths in Clinton County last year. The county recently received more than $400,000 from the federal government to help address the epidemic.

Colleen Chamberlain, of Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren & Clinton Counties, said  recovery houses like Clean Acres can give their residents avoid falling back into bad habits.

"The recovery houses give you a new environment," she said.

It technically isn't a working farm, but they do have horses and other animals which can be therapeutic for the men. Nick Garrison has never lived on a farm, but he has quickly become something of a "horse whisperer."

"Just connecting with nature and keeping myself busy, tending to the animals ... just enjoying life around the farm is really crucial to my recovery," he said.

Clinton County is working on multiple efforts to address the heroin problem. But many believe Clean Acres is working.

"We're seeing success which is a beautiful, beautiful thing," Hubbard said.

Residents agreed that it's helpful. There's no limit on how long they can stay, but the longest one has stayed is one year. Clean Acres resident Adam Garrett has been clean for 75 days. He said staying there was "life-changing."

"I can't even explain the support system that we have here, and the guys that are very helpful and welcoming here," he said.

There is also just one residential recovery facility for women in Clinton County. But, a second one is scheduled to open later this month. Visit the Mental Health Recovery Services of Warren & Clinton Counties' website for more information on these recovery homes.