Xavier coach Chris Mack says he knows when Myles Davis will return, but he isn't saying

Posted at 2:37 PM, Dec 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-19 14:37:52-05

Xavier men’s basketball coach Chris Mack knows when guard Myles Davis will return from his indefinite suspension, but he's not about to tip his hand.

“Myles is closer to playing. I’ll put it this way: I know when Myles is coming back. I’m not going to share that with everybody,” Mack said Monday at Cintas Center.

Davis was suspended from the program Sept. 1 following legal entanglement over the summer. In early November, Davis pleaded guilty to one reduced charge of disorderly conduct through a plea agreement in Hamilton County Municipal Court.

Attorney Clyde Bennett II told that Davis paid court fees and restitution to his former girlfriend, Kiley Stoll. Davis was twice charged with misdemeanor criminal damaging relating to Stoll, regarding damaged cell phones and a car door.

Davis completed an anger management course as part of the plea deal. He also apologized to Stoll's family in court.

Davis, who earned the Musketeers’ Most Inspirational Player award last season for his leadership and team-second 10.8 points per game, has not practiced with the Musketeers (9-2) this season. They remained No. 17 in Monday’s Associated Press Top 25 and will play host to Eastern Washington at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The general conjecture among fans was that Davis, a 6-foot-2 senior, might return for Big East play. That starts Dec. 28 at home against Providence.

When pressed about Davis’ status, Mack said “tomorrow will be closer” for his return.

“The next day will be closer. The next day will be closer. Like, here’s the thing. I’m not trying… We’ve played without a really, really good player. An all-conference player. And again, Myles has had his transgressions and I think he’s learned from them. And he was suspended for it, so he’s paid his penalty,” Mack said.

“Well, now it’s like everybody wants us to be clairvoyant and everybody wants us to be very transparent. I’ll be very transparent: I’m not going to give our opponents the idea of when he’s coming back. But he’s going to be back pretty soon and that’s all I’m going to say about it. And hopefully that puts it to rest because you can ask me and ask me and ask me, and I’m never telling you when he’s coming back.

“But I do feel comfortable to tell you that he will be back soon. And when that is, I’m going to be very transparent and tell people, ‘I don’t want our opponents to know.’”

Asked if Xavier kept in touch with Davis during the suspension, Mack said “absolutely.”

“Myles is a part of our family,” Mack said.

Davis is a crafty passer and reliable shooter who could bring needed leadership to the Musketeers’ roster. His familiarity with Xavier's system, a product of three years in it, stands to give Xavier a significant boost heading into conference competition.

Just how disciplined Davis has been in his workouts is the second-biggest question about his situation, following the date of his return. So is he working out?

“He better be,” Mack said.