Police offer tips, support to help keep thieves away from your door at the holidays

Posted at 8:16 PM, Dec 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-19 20:23:07-05

NORWOOD, Ohio — Norwood police are taking extra steps to help keep thieves away from residents' doors at the holidays.

Lt. Ron Murphy says the packages delivered to your front porch might be leading burglars to your home. That's why Norwood police let residents arrange for dropoffs at the police station at this time of year.

"Have them delivered to a neighbor possibly who you know will be home. You can have them delivered to our police department - we accept packages during the holidays," Murphy said. "You can pick them up here. They'll be secure here."

You not only run the risk of porch pirates taking your packages if you leave them out, but you send a signal to burglars that nobody's home, and that's when break-ins occur, Murphy said.

Norwood has already seen four burglaries this month, Murphy said. In a few cases, residents made it easy for the burglars, he said.

"I think in a couple of them they believe entry was made through an unlocked window at the rear of the house," Murphy said.

Besides safeguarding your packages and locking up your house, Murphy has another suggestion you may not have thought of.

Break down the boxes your gifts come in before you take them out with the trash.

"You don't want someone to see that 70-inch TV you just got," Murphy said.