Norwood home hit by burglars twice in one week

Posted at 12:46 AM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-23 08:02:53-04

NORWOOD, Ohio -- A Norwood man’s backyard was struck by burglars twice in the same weekend, and he’s not sure what else to do to keep them out.

Gary Wolff and his son were inside Friday night when their home security system captured a pair of would-be burglars attempting to wedge an ATV between Wolff’s car and the side of his house on Mills Avenue.

They failed and fled; two nights later, security cameras captured two young men once again targeting Wolff’s house. This time, they made off with a bike.

“I can’t even imagine coming back twice in a row (to the same house),” Wolff said. “Stupid criminals.”

It’s difficult to tell for sure, based on the grainy security footage, whether these two burglaries were carried out by the same pair of thieves. Either way, they’re concerning, and they beg the question: if an advanced home security system doesn’t keep criminals away, what can?

“I’ve got cameras, I’ve got lights, I’ve got a six-foot fence,” Wolff said. “What else do you need?"

Greg Worley, a neighbor, said his bicycle was also stolen from the front yard of his house this month, although not on the same night.

“It needs to stop,” he said.