Vanessa Lachey's elimination from 'Dancing with the Stars' was nonsense, right?

Posted at 1:05 AM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 01:05:36-04

First off: What?

Second: Seriously?

Monday night's Halloween episode of "Dancing with the Stars" had a scary twist ending, but not a clever one like "The Sixth Sense." It felt more like a "Saw" twist -- you're surprised in the moment, sure, but then you start thinking about it and everything falls apart. 

Despite being placed in jeopardy alongside the consistently lower-scoring Drew Scott and Terrell Owens, Cincinnatian Vanessa Lachey and wrestler Nikki Bella met the Grim Reaper's scythe in a surprise double elimination. People on Twitter were not pleased.

And, look, people on Twitter are never pleased with anything, but this time they have a point.

Lachey and Artem both scored a total of 60 points in their last two weeks while Scott scored 57. Owens is consistently one of the lowest-scoring performers on the show. And -- listen, we're biased in this situation, OK? We wanted Cincinnati to represent in the finals.

But HGTV fans and a strong Week 6 showing appear to have saved Scott and Owens, respectively, allowing them to boogie forward into the quarterfinals.

The night's actual dances all revolved around a creepy Halloween theme and included highlights such as:

  • Lachey's "Game of Survival" pasa doble with Maks Chmerkovskiy, which involved interactions with zombies that Rick Grimes would definitely find objectionable. (24/30)
  • Jordan Fisher, dressed as a werewolf, continuing his domination of the show alongside Little Red Riding partner Lindsay Arnold. We think we could have picked a better song than "Animals," but alas. (30/30)
  • Lindsey Stirling and Mark Ballas following up on their perfect Week 6 with a Day of the Dead-inspired pasa doble to Stirling's song "Roundtable Rival." Despite an injury, Stirling remains preternaturally (supernaturally?) gifted on the floor. (27/30)
  • An ominous Frankie Muniz looming outside Witney Carson's window, then dancing to "Every Breath You Take" and raising some worrying questions about what kind of person Malcolm Wilkerson grows up to be. (30/30) 

The night also included a pair of freestyle team dances -- one to the "Monster Mash" and one to "The Phantom of the Opera."

Not to belabor the point, but Lachey's team -- Team Phantom -- got a perfect score. This woman really didn't earn the points she needed to stay on? 

OK, DWTS. We'll accept it for now. Just don't be surprised if this mistake comes back to haunt you.