By Dave Peterson

CINCINNATI - We're sure all of our friends have noticed but thought we would point that we've rolled out a new look.  We hope you'll find that the redesigned offers a bolder and more dramatic homepage, a more dynamic and intuitive navigation and a clean layout throughout our digital platforms.

It's more than just a makeover, however, as the new site employs responsive design which means the content layout changes to fit your screen size whether is being viewed on a laptop, a tablet or a mobile device.

With the redesign, has created a clean, uncluttered homepage that clearly displays the most important stories of the day, presents the weather and traffic at a glance, displays the latest breaking news and features our in-depth reports, our Cincinnati business news by Dan Monk, John Matarese's Don't Waste Your Money and our popular Say What feature to name just some of what you'll find.

Click or tap "sections" at the top of each page to explore our new dynamic navigation.  Here, you'll see clearly what's inside in all of our sections and get a preview of what you'll find as you mouse over or tap each section name.

Each section page presents a clean look so you can easily find the stories that interest you the most and easily move about the website. The new layout makes room for more imagery throughout. The vertical layout makes it easy to explore (just vertically scroll like you do at most sites) and makes it easy to identify content areas. There are visual breaks as you scroll down the page so you'll have a clear sense of when new content areas are updated. 

The weather section gives you what you want and gives it to you immediately with the current conditions, the seven-day and hourly forecasts and the complete forecast right at the top of the page. The customizable interactive weather, charts and graphs that offer more depth are all there as well.

Traffic gives you just what you want as well – up to the minute traffic conditions displayed on an interactive map that will give you all the details.

Additionally, there are sections filled with a deeper look at local news featuring reports by our team of reporters.  We've dedicated reporters to a number of topics, including local arts and entertainment, government and politics, lifestyle, education and business that offer not only what's happening in the Tri-State but also what it means and why it's important.  As always, you'll find John Matarese's Don't Waste Your Money reports that help consumers make smart decisions.

That's not all you'll find. There's plenty of sports – from high school to pros. Plenty of features. Loads of photos and videos. The best way to see all that's here is to explore. And that's what we invite you to. Let us know what you think. We're always interesting in hearing from you.  Please email any questions, comments or suggestions to