BHMK Continues Tradition of Innovation, Adds Chief Marketing Officer

12:26 PM, Feb 16, 2021
8:24 AM, Feb 19, 2021

On Friday, January 29, 2021, Buechner Haffer Meyers & Koenig, Co., LPA (“BHMK”) announced the expansion of its Executive Committee to include a new role, Chief Marketing Officer.

BHMK’s Shareholders, including the current Executive Committee (all of whom were re-elected to three-year terms as well): David W. Burleigh (C.E.O.), Brian R. Redden (C.O.O.), and Brian J. Hirsch (C.F.O.), unanimously voted to approve Shareholder, Brett M. Renzenbrink, as the firm’s first-ever Chief Marketing Officer for a three-year term. The approval comes as the latest in a succession of moves made by BHMK to increase operational efficiencies and place an increased emphasis on innovation, quality, and client experience. While many firms continue to be managed by shareholders generally, the creation and expansion of the board demonstrates the firm’s continued investment in reflecting the privately-held businesses they represent.

Almost exactly three years ago, BHMK created the Executive Committee who, for the first time in the firm’s near half-century history, was delegated the authority to manage the business of BHMK. Since then, that Committee has managed explosive growth and inspired culture through immense challenges (including having to move and build out new offices, evolving the firm’s technological capabilities, and an historic global pandemic). The use of an Executive Committee not only frees shareholders to focus on enhanced quality, but also enables the firm to be nimble and keep overhead costs that are traditionally passed through to clients as low as possible for a 4th Street firm.

The addition of Renzenbrink as CMO is a demonstration of BHMK’s commitment to quality, innovation, and leadership in a way that is distinct from other law firms. “BHMK has demonstrated for nearly a half of a century its identity as a quality, solutions-driven, and entrepreneurial law firm, but the BHMK Story is really about our clients. Our clients work overtime to protect their businesses and families. It’s a privilege for us to be part of their incredible story and help them tell it”, said Renzenbrink.

BHMK not only represents privately-held businesses, but has a number of other practice groups that provide a synergistic suite of services to those businesses owners and key personnel. Those include: Real Estate, Domestic Relations, Commercial Litigation, Employment, and Estate Planning & Trusts. The latter is far from the “least”, as the over 40-year old firm was founded to create innovative and distinct ways to protect family assets. Those founders (and all of BHMK’s named shareholders) still work full-time and continue to explore cutting edge ways to challenge their respective practice areas.

The addition of Renzenbrink as CMO is one further step in a continuous thread of innovation tracing back to 1979. BHMK has grown to over 20 lawyers (now listed on The Business Courier’s Book of Lists), moved headquarters, dramatically upgraded technological capabilities, and continues to garner awards on an annual basis for quality work product and client experience. These investments made by BHMK’s leadership have the firm poised to remain stable through historic challenges and continue to grow.

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