For Tweet's sake! Social media users sound off aboout top online pet peeves

CINCINNATI - Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mom to see. Do not complain about your job on Facebook when you’re “friends” with your boss. Drunk pics? Keep ‘em off.

And, what about those little posts we see in our newsfeeds that, while not inappropriate, sure get under our skin?

Savvy “socialites” have a separate list of dos and don’ts for users – things that we’re all really, really sick of seeing on Facebook and Twitter. So we asked them: what really grinds your gears on social media?

Here are just a few of responses: 

Serial “likers.” Is there really nothing better you can do online than “like” every single piece of Facebook activity in your news feed?  – Jenny (Yours truly), WCPO Digital Community Manager

“One of mine is hashtag overloading. Why so many?!?” – Emmi, WCPO Digital intern

“Posting wedding pics months later. I get it: that's the best you'll ever look, but please spare the rest of us from months and months of your big day.” – Josh, Facebook

“ ‘Like’ if you hate cancer... ‘like’ if you love God…Those kinds of things irritate the crap outta me. Who in their right mind doesn't hate cancer?” – Traci, Facebook

“The duck face bathroom mirror selfie pics need to be banned! Lol” – Angie, Facebook

“‘Liking’ your own status! It’s like high-fiving yourself!” – Annie, Facebook

“People who are always professing how beautiful and how much they love their spouses, children and grandchildren. For heaven's sake tell them in person.” – Imolene, Facebook

“Posting something really vague so someone will ask what happened” – Cathy, Facebook

“Candy Crush requests! The only candy I want is a Twix!” – Shannon, Facebook

With this in mind, you might want to stop and think before you “post” that close-up you just took of your face.

We're listening

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