Apps to help organize your life, home, work and family

Is your life an unorganized mess? You may be holding the answer to simplifying your schedule in the palm of your hand.

Here are seven apps to help you organize your life. Best of all: five are free! Let's get to it...

1.) Cozi (free) - Say goodbye to scheduling conflicts, Cozi lets you manage the family calendar by adding appointments and setting reminders for everyone to see. The app works with iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and on the web. Plus it will send an email or texts to your sister (or anyone else) so she doesn't forget about your lunch date!

2.) Grocery IQ (free) - Worry about sending your husband to the grocery store no more. Grocery IQ organizes shopping by aisle and can manage lists for multiple stores. Have a last-minute item to add? Do so and the app automatically sync's and updates your husbands list, even though he's already left for the store. Available for iPhone and Android.

3.) Chore Hero ($3) - You have to fork over a few bucks for Chore Hero but if you have kids, it's worth it. The app turns otherwise mundane tasks like taking out the garbage into a family-friendly competition. Your kids (and spouse) earn points and badges for successfully completing their tasks. You can assign chores to family members or let the app randomly assign tasks - either way, dad doesn't always get stuck washing the dishes.

4.) Family Organizer (free) - The concept behind Family Organizer is similar to Cozi - shared to-do lists, calendars and grocery lists. The app offers text or email reminders and allows you to sync to your computer to share the info with your spouse or kids.

5.) Remember the Milk (free) - This app works with all platforms (iPhone, Android, email etc.) and creates smart lists based on priority level, due date and category. Share your lists with any contact and you'll never forget the milk.

6.) 52 Organizing Missions ($10) - What if every task in your life only took 30 minutes? That's the mission of this app. From step-by-step instructions on how to de-clutter your home office to the five steps needed to detox your kitchen this iPad app guarantees you need no more than a half hour to do so.

7.) Astrid (free) - Round up the troops, this app helps moms cross of items on their to-do lists by recruiting others. Show your family members what's been done and what's left to do with weekly status updates and tell your kids it's time to pitch in!

All Android apps can be found in the Google Play store and all iPhone and  iPad apps can be downloaded in the Apple store.

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