Viral video shows woman's fearless dance routine at LAX

Woman says she had a lonely holiday

LOS ANGELES - A woman's fearless dance routine in the middle of LAX has become a viral video sensation.

The video, posted by user "HelloGiggles" on New Year's Eve, shows a woman identified as Angela Trimbur dancing by herself near baggage claim at the busy airport.

"I didn't get to go home to see my fam this year & was really bummed," Trimbur wrote in the information about the video. "So I went to dance around people who go to do so on their way back from holiday vacay."

The video already has 400,000 views on YouTube.

This is a trend for Trimbur, who has another video posted on the account of her "dancing like nobody is watching" at a Sherman Oaks, Calif., mall and an Echo Park, Calif., laundromat. Both of those videos have more than a million views.

To view the YouTube video, click below. (Note to mobile and tablet users; open story in a browser to watch the video).

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