University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono 'Walks the Moon' in latest YouTube hit

CINCINNATI - Oops, Santa Ono did it again.

The second locally produced music video featuring the University of Cincinnati's 28th president debuted late Thursday evening on YouTube.

Produced by The Red and Black Bash Concert Team at UC, the video features Ono lip-syncing the words to the popular song "Anna Sun" by Cincinnati-based band WALK THE MOON. The video was created as a way to announce the local band was booked as the headlining act for the 2013 Red and Black Bash, an annual concert at the university that was attended by more than 7,000 students in 2012.

The Harvard and University of Chicago-trained chemist and his students at UC dance throughout the video, which is an obvious homage to WALK THE MOON's mostly one-shot video that was filmed in The Mockbee building in Cincinnati.

Ono promoted the video via his Twitter account (@PrezOno) late Thursday evening.

His tweet was followed by a series of responses from students and fans congratulating him for his performance, requests for him to join the UC dance team and general thank yous from students for his hard work on behalf of the university.

Ono also dished out his fair share of congratulations and thank yous to the students at UC. He was particularly complimentary of the crew behind the Red and Black Bash for the work on the video and landing WALK THE MOON. 

While it was the first lip dub video in which he performed, Ono has appeared in (at least) one other YouTube musical performances since being name president of UC in October 2012.

He also appeared in an April 2012 lip dub produced by the National Honors Society at Lakota East High School.

The students created an epic 12-minute, multi-song video featuring a combination of lip-syncing with audio dubbing in order to raise money for the Center for Spina Bifida Care at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

That video has been viewed nearly 90,000 times on YouTube as of early Friday morning. It has also received more than 1,200 "thumbs-up" during that same period.

Ono has not been shy about utilizing social media and nontraditional engagement techniques as a way to connect with the millennial generation.

One way he's doing so is through that "Hottest College in America" Tour, which is collaborative effort with the UC Alumni Association. Ono uses the hashtag #HottestCollegeinAmerica to announce meetings with alumni, prospective students, current co-op students, parents and donors around the country.

In addition to utilizing YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to regularly connect with UC students about the goings on at the university, he's also done things like shaved his head after the Bearcats men's basketball team went on a 10-game winning streak to kick off the 2012 season.

You can watch both of Santa Ono's videos in media players on this page and social media contact information for him can be found below:

Twitter: @PrezOno



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