Popular Cincinnati food truck struggling with high gas prices

CINCINNATI -- Cafe de Wheels has been around for more than four years.

It's a popular food truck that serves made-to-order burgers all over the Tri-State area. But with gas prices at $4 a gallon, owner Tom Acito says he's struggling to stay afloat.

"When it goes up 40 cents a gallon in a week on a truck that gets five miles a gallon -- every time I drive somewhere, it's like $5. It adds up," Acito said.

Acito's business thrives on its mobility.

One day his food truck could be set up at the waterfront. Or another day, Acito could be in Blue Ash.

"We do a lot of short trips -- three or four trips a day -- so it has a lot of affect on us," Acito said.

Acito said he tries to save money by setting a limit: $80 a fill up. He sacrifices a full tank to save every buck.

"Being a small business you have to prioritize what you need when you need it and to have more cash available is good," he said.

Acito isn't the only one struggling to pay at the pump.

Cincinnati resident Katie Towns said filling her car is a challenge.

"[Gas prices] are so high, I honestly can't even fill up all the way anymore," Towns said. "I put $20 in at a time as I need it."

A majority of gas stations in the Tri-State are offering gas slightly under $4 a gallon.

9 On Your Side even spotted a Shell gas station in Blue Ash charging $4.15 a gallon.

"This $100 will not give me a full tank," Cincinnati resident Mary Beth Hines said.

That's because Hines drives a Chevy Suburban -- the perfect size for her large family.

"We definitely will be considering other options the next time it's time to get a new car," she said.

In the meantime, Acito will continue to do what he loves regardless of those rising numbers, so he can keep pleasing the people of the Tri-State.

You can check area prices on wcpo.com/gasprices.

Amy Wadas, WCPO contributed to this report

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