Interim Police Chief Paul Humphries applies for job, says he's 'comfortable leading the department'

CINCINNATI - The man tapped to lead the police department in the interim following the departure of James Craig said Wednesday he is ready for a permanent stay.

Interim Chief Paul Humphries confirmed to WCPO Digital Wednesday morning he has applied for the position. The early application deadline is Friday.  

“The reason I waited is I wanted to see the level of support and I wanted to see what the cops wanted,” Humphries said. “If they were thrilled with an outsider and wanted an outsider, I would welcome that person in with open arms.

“I feel very, very comfortable that I have enough support to lead the department, but if I didn’t have that, I wouldn’t do it.”

Humphries is a 26-year veteran of the department with experience as a hostage negotiator, commander of the professional standards section (internal affairs), training and the vice unit. Humphries, a 1984 Xavier University graduate, has been with the police department since March 1986, serving in three of the city’s five districts.

Humphries, 51, helped administer an audit of the department when Craig first arrived and is credited with helping the department transform it’s top-down culture.

To date, Humphries is the only internal candidate on the list of applicants.

As of Tuesday, the city manager’s office has received 19 applications. Lt. Col. James Whalen, one of three assistant chiefs in the department, has not applied for the position yet, although Humphries hinted he might not on Wednesday.

The police chief job posting, which went public in June, lists an annual salary range of $101,956.03 to $137,640.65 and offers 10 paid days off, a retirement plan and an 80/20 healthcare plan. The posting will remain active until Dec. 20. City officials have said they want a new chief in place by the end of the summer.

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