Hamilton County poll worker found guilty of voter fraud

CINCINNATI - A Hamilton County poll worker accused of voter fraud was found guilty of illegal voting in court Tuesday.

Madisonville's Melowese Richardson, a former poll worker, was found guilty on four charges of illegal voting after she was accused of voting an absentee ballot and then voting in person on Election Day. Richardson was originally charged on eight counts of voter fraud, but after pleading no contest, four of the charges against her were dropped.

She admitted to 9 On Your Side in a Feb. 6 interview that she voted twice but didn't intend to commit any voter fraud.

Richardson, 58, is one of six cases of alleged voter fraud in Hamilton County from the 2012 General Election.

Hamilton County Board of Elections Chairman Tim Burke said Richardson's was the only case where both votes were counted. In every other situation, he said board workers caught problems and only counted one vote for each citizen.

"I can't understand these charges against me," Richardson said in the Feb. 6 interview. "Have they never heard of a simple mistake? Have they never heard of overlooking? Mailing in a ballot registering to vote at a precinct after you've forgotten that you mailed in a ballot? Or been told that it may be too late?"

A date has not been determined for Richardson's pre-sentencing hearing.

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