Opening days of festival prove Bunbury is really about Cincinnati bands

Homegrown artists dominate the lineup

CINCINNATI - Bunbury Festival bands are delivering one powerful message about Cincinnati music. In the lyrics of the local rockers Buffalo Killers: "Get out, get it!"

Despite several acts on the bill with international credibility, the second annual Bunbury is really an unbridled, wall-to-wall showcase of local talent: guitar rock, art rock, giant soul-searchers, hip-shakers, hit-makers, dance-inducing ska, squeal-inducing guitar pop and singer-songwriters way too good for reality TV. 

Over the next couple weeks, WCPO Digital will roll out  deeper video features on many of the artists —mixing interviews with performance. 

Bunbury wraps up Sunday with performances from local artists DAAP Girls, The Harlequins and Upset Victory, among others—capped by a festival closing mainstage set by Cincinnati's The Nationals.

In the meantime, this video relive a glimpse at Cincinnati rocking weekend that showcased a glimpse some of the emerging and up-and-coming local artists who caught our eye.

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