Properly maintaining furnaces key to keeping warm

CINCINNATI - During frigid temperatures, you rely on your furnace to keep you warm. So, it's worth making sure you've done all you can to keep it running properly.

It's as simple as replacing your furnace filter every three months to make sure the air is flowing properly and the unit is heating efficiently.

Also, check the air ducts if possible to make sure air isn't seeping our and periodically clean outflow vents to get rid of clogging dust.

Jimmy Morris, a Tri-State maintenance supervisor, said it's crucial not to neglect the furnace during cold winter months.

"Make sure that your furnace filter is clean, it has proper air, none of the returns are blocked off," Morris said. "Make sure your thermostat is working well and set properly."

In addition, your furnace should get an annual check-up by a maintenance professional to make sure there are no other problems.


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