Campbell Ridge student wins Kentucky Farm-to-School art contest

ALEXANDRIA, Ky. - Taylor Fry, a fourth grader at Campbell Ridge Elementary School in Alexandria celebrated a big honor Wednesday with her entire school.

Fry won the 2012 Kentucky Farm-to-School art contest sponsored by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

The Farm-to-School program focuses on locally grown foods from Kentucky farms being integrated into schools and restaurants. Fry received $50 for her winning art and a healthy lunch for the entire school, prepared by renowned Kentucky chef Jim Whaley. 

Whaley says Fry's artwork shows kids the process that puts healthy food on their plates.

"I love farming and my dad works on a dairy farm so I had a lot of knowledge about how stuff came to the school and I visualized it," Fry said.

"She captured the whole life cycle of food in it's production and growing phase," said Chef Whaley.

Whaley is a strong advocate of Farm-to-School and has turned his focus towards working with local farmers to integrate their foods into his cooking. His aim is to see that Kentuckians use more of the food that is produced in the state. Whaley is a Louisville-based Chef with over 30 years experience.





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