VIDEO: Witnesses give accounts of crashes on I-275, I-75

1 killed, dozens injured in 2 massive pileups

CINCINNATI - Dozens were injured and a 12-year-old girl was killed after intense snow showers blinded drivers along I-275 and I-75 Monday afternoon.

Witnesses and survivors of both accidents gave their accounts to 9 On Your Side after the incidents.

"White out... it just kept getting worse," said Ed Stevens, who was involved in the pile-up on I-75. "The car in front of us panicked and braked and it was all over."

Stevens and his wife said at first they were able to weave in between cars that were braking in front of them, at one point even cheering like they had made it, and "all of a sudden cars just kept hitting us and hitting us," out of the white out, Stevens said. Stevens was not hurt and his wife suffered a minor neck injury.

Jim Parker was traveling with his son along I-275 and narrowly escaped the pileup.

"All of a sudden you couldn't see anything and all of a sudden there was two people waving their arms in the middle of I-275. We swerved and missed the back of a tractor trailer and a truck and utility trailer that had hit the back of a semi and went shot off the road to the right side and then passed all those vehicles on the right," said Parker, whose vehicle landed in the grass without incident.

His son, Jim Parker Jr., says he will never forget the sounds and sights from the crash.

"We just kept hearing, 'Bam, bam, bam!' After a couple of minutes we got out and I had a roll of paper towels and an actual towel inside my trunk. Just started walking up, trying to help people," said Parker Jr.

The witness accounts can be viewed in the media player above.

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