Truck driver gives tips on driving in black ice

CINCINNATI - Truck driver Bob Risdon spends his career driving and dealing with hazardous conditions like black ice.

"If it gets worse, I'll just stop and wait until its better and proceed from there," Risdon said.

Risdon was making the trek from Cleveland to Fort Worth, Texas. He was checking over his truck and taking a break when we caught up to him.

"Lots of cars and trucks in the ditch everywhere," Risdon said. "People just don't know how to drive or slow down enough for conditions. That's the problem."

Risdon stressed one thing if you encounter black ice: Wait.

"If it's really icy, just park it and wait until the salt crews get out there and take care of it," he said.  "Then proceed again. You'll be further ahead than if you keep going."

The Ohio Highway Patrol agrees. Troopers stress to adjust driving habits when conditions like black ice are possible. If the roads are wet with a possibility of ice, they recommend drivers slow down and pay close attention to what they're doing.

"I try to leave space in between me and the next vehicle, but if you leave too much, well somebody always thinks I can pull right in front of you then you're back in the same situation again," Risdon said.

These type of roads can become extra dangerous on slick roads, and a very scary situation for drivers like Risdon.

The reason why it's called black ice is because you can't see it and you never know where it will be. Black ice can be found on the roads, sidewalks, parking lots and many more places, so everyone should be cautious Thursday, no matter how or where you're traveling.

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