Ohio Turnpike increases speed limit to 70 mph

CLEVELAND - A major change comes to the Ohio turnpike begins Friday. You can now cruise at speeds up to 70 mph--legally.

Back in December, the Ohio Turnpike Commission voted to raise the speed limit for trucks and cars up to 70 mph from the previous 65 mph. 

Ohio Turnpike Commission commissioners are hoping the 5 mph increase will give truckers an incentive to use the toll road. The speed limit on other major routes in Ohio is 65 mph.

"The Ohio Turnpike will encourage commercial vehicles off of the congested, rural, two-lane country roads and onto the safer, well-maintained, well-designed Ohio Turnpike," Commission Chairman Joseph Balog said in a statement.

The move will legalize travel at 70 mph for the first time in more than 35 years.

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