New asphalt tested to keep roads safe in winter

BETHEL, Ohio - Could a special asphalt actually melt snow and ice without any salt or treatment being applied by road crews? Officials in Clermont County are rolling the dice hoping for a yes.

Clermont County is one of only three places in the Untied States to try a new product called Winterpave.

Clermont County engineers decided to pave a quarter-mile dead-end road near East Fork State Park as a test for this winter.

"Roughly half the road is Winterpave and the other half is traditional asphalt. Half the road we'll treat traditionally with plows and salt. The back half here, we'll leave it alone and see how the product responds," said Clermont County Engineer Patrick Manger.

Engineers know even if it works, it will be used sparingly.

"Heavily-treated corridors. You know, Clough Pike, Mt. Carmel Tobasco...and we don't have a shortage of hills in Clermont County," Manger said.

Even if Winterpave asphalt melts snow and ice, Mangers says it will not solve all their winter road problems.

"It's unrealistic to think that this will be the cure-all for Clermont County, that we'll be able to sell our trucks and stop plowing snow and buying salt," he said. "It's completely unrealistic."

To watch the full report on the asphalt, tune in to 9 News Thursday evening.

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