Brent Spence Bridge receives several improvements

CINCINNATI - The Brent Spence Bridge is receiving some upgrades. 

Cincinnati City Councilman Wendell Young will announce Thursday the first of several safety improvements made to the bridge. An "added lane" sign and an improved white channelization stripe, which will make the northbound merge onto the bridge safer, clearer and easier for drivers to navigate.

"We all know how needed these safety improvements are. It seems that almost daily we are hearing about a wreck or worse on the Brent Spence Bridge, and after the tragedy earlier this year I knew we could not wait for a replacement bridge to start working to make it safer," Young said. "I am very pleased with the work of the Kentucky - Ohio Safety Team in finding and installing short-term safety solutions, as well as their dedication to making the Brent Spence a safer bridge as soon as possible."

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and Ohio Department of Transportation recently completed a safety review of the bridge, and after analyzing the results made recommendations for improvements.

In addition to the changes already made, the report recommends additional signage southbound, another ARTIMIS camera and a "Watch for Stopped Traffic" sign with LED lights and speed sensors.

These are currently under design and feasibility review and will be installed once the funding and environmental clearance can be obtained, which is expected to be before the end of next construction season.

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