Villa Hills residents post signs asking Mike Martin to resign as Mayor

VILLA HILLS, Ky. - Villa Hills residents say are fed up with the behavior of Mayor Mike Martin, and now, they're taking action.

On Wednesday, residents started posting signs in their yard asking Martin to resign from his position. The signs read 'Mike Martin, please resign now'.

The signs are being put up just two days after the results of an investigation into Martin's ethics were released.

City Council hired attorney Phil Taliaferro to handle the investigation. He presented his findings to City Council and Villa Hills residents on Monday.

Taliaferro found that Martin ordered city documents to be burned, denied open records requests, and violated ethics ordinances.

He also discovered Martin performed electrical work without the required state license. That's a misdemeanor if he were to be charged and convicted.

After the findings were released, Villa Hills resident Loraine Braun said it's time for Martin to step away from his position.

"A lot of people get upset with people in Washington and say that they pass rules they don't have to follow. And essentially he's saying the same thing. And then at the end of it to say he doesn't he think he's made any mistakes, it's a failure of leadership. He's exhibited bad judgment time and time again and I feel that we shouldn't have to suffer for that," said Braun.

Braun and former Villa Hills Councilman Steve Ruebusch posted the signs in their yards Wednesday.

"In the Cincy magazine of May of 2010, we were rated the number one city to live in in Northern Kentucky. And we were number three in the Tri-State. When Mike Martin became Mayor, the city started to collapse and fall apart because of his irrational and bad decisions of creating chaos," said Ruebusch.

Braun says 50 signs were ordered and she's handing them out to whoever would like one.

"I think it's time for the residents to stand up. There are a group of people, a large group of people, that want him to resign to spare us any more embarrassment then he already has. It's not just me saying he has bad judgment, it was displayed time and time again Monday night." she said.

Martin has repeatedly said he's not going to resign from his job as mayor.

He told 9 News on Monday, "I'm not necessarily convinced I made mistakes. Could I have made different decisions? Possibly."

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