Villa Hills mayor could face criminal charges

VILLA HILLS, Ky. - The mayor of Villa Hills is facing possible criminal charges this week.

But the Villa Hills City Council has waited one month to turn Mayor Mike Martin into the proper authorities.

At May's council meeting, city leaders spent more than five hours deciding how to handle the findings of an investigation into Martin's behavior and ethics.

The council eventually voted to turn the mayor in to the Kenton County Attorney's Office. On Wednesday, the decision from the attorney's office will take effect.

The city hired local attorney Phil Taliaferro to handle the investigation into Martin. Taliaferro announced last month he found Martin burned city documents and violated ethics ordinances.

Taliaferro said Martin also performed electrical work without the proper state license, which is a misdemeanor in Kentucky.

Taliaferro tells 9 News he has to wait until after Wednesday's meeting to turn his findings in to the Kenton County attorney. That's because council has to approve last month's meeting minutes before he can do anything.

Meeting minutes are approved during scheduled city council meetings, which are only held once a month.

Taliaferro says after the minutes are approved Wednesday evening, he'll turn his findings in to authorities. The Kenton County attorney's office will decide whether or not to pursue the case, and if Martin will be facing criminal charges.

Several council members have repeatedly asked Martin to resign, and are now pushing for a removal hearing to oust the mayor. Some Villa Hills residents have also put signs in their yards asking the mayor to step down.

Martin has repeatedly told the council and 9 News he will not resign.

Wednesday's city council meeting starts at 7 p.m. The meeting is being held at the Dennis M. Stein Municipal Building on Rogers Road.

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