Terrace Park father pleads for information on missing son

Collin Barton has been gone three days

TERRACE PARK, Ohio - The father of a missing Terrace Park teenager is asking people living along Route 50 between Mariemont and Terrace Park to check outbuildings and garages for any sign of his son.

Sean Barton made the plea Tuesday as the disappearance of Collin Barton, 16, entered its third day. The elder Barton stood along the Little Miami Bike Trail while a bloodhound team from the Clermont County Sheriff's Office searched for his son.

Members of the Hamilton County Urban Search and Rescue Team walked the banks of the Little Miami River Monday without finding any trace of the youth.

"I need people to look for Collin. Please!" Sean Barton implored. "I cannot tell you how devastating this is. You can only imagine. It's a parent's worst nightmare."

Barton continued, "It is completely out of character. We've never seen anything like this out of Collin before. We're a very close-knit family. If he's out there, I can't imagine he'd be more afraid to stay away than to come home. So, I need people to continue to look for him because I have no idea what this scenario is and what's going through his mind."

Terrace Park Police Chief Jerry Hayhow repeated the request to check any building that might provide shelter to Collin.

"We're hoping that it's a runaway case," he said.

Collin was last seen early Sunday morning at a party in a house on Cambridge Avenue in Madison Place. In a statement issued Monday, Sean Barton said that Collin was upset over breaking up with a girlfriend and lying about where he had been on Saturday night.

Chief Hayhow said the only important thing right now is to help find the young man. Searchers concentrated on the river Monday because the last ping on Collin's cell phone was traced to the Bass Island area near the junction of U.S. Route 50 and Newtown Road.

"We have no one indicator for a starting point," he said. "The only starting point we had was the cell phone ping and we've been in this area. It's heavily wooded, but you know we have a lot of help."

The chief added that he still wants professionals to handle the search so any potential tracks aren't covered over.

"I know that I could have a whole Village of Terrace Park volunteers with one phone call," he said. "Our phone is ringing off the wall with volunteers -- people that want to help -- and the folks that I can use I have."

Collin is six-feet tall, weighs 125 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. When last seen, he was wearing a green T-shirt and blue jeans.

Anyone with information is asked to the call the Terrace Park Police Department at (513)831-2137.

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