Teen accused of posting video of autistic classmate using restroom at Sycamore High School online

CINCINNATI - The mother of an autistic teenager is seeking justice for her son after a fellow student at Sycamore High School reportedly posted a video of the teen using a restroom to a social media website.

The video of Kimberley Reese's son using the restroom was posted on the video-sharing site Vine, which is associated with Twitter, for approximately two weeks.

The teen is reportedly seen standing at a urinal at the high school with his buttocks exposed in the video.

His mother said that is the way the teen feels comfortable using to the bathroom, by undressing.

Reese said she only learned the recording existed and was uploaded to the social media site Wednesday after a student saw it online and notified school officials.

Sycamore High School officials released a statement Thursday saying they took appropriate action immediately after learning about the video.

"When the situation was brought to our attention, the district investigated and took quick, appropriate disciplinary action," wrote Erika Daggett, chief information officer for the school district. "Behaviors, including behaviors on electronic devices, that are inconsistent with the educational process, Student Code of Conduct and district policies are prohibited on school grounds and during school activities at all times."

The district has since turned the matter over to the Montgomery Police Department and a full investigation is currently underway.

The police report detailing the incident states a 16-year-old sophomore is accused of "illegally using a minor in nudity-orientated material."

Reese hopes the suspect is "punished appropriately" but also gets counseling. She also wants the boy to apologize to her son.


9 On Your Side reporter Natasha Williams contributed to this report.

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