Several injured in shooting at illegal Price Hill bar

Man running bar had loaded guns, police say

CINCINNATI - Police arrested a man who was running an illegal bar after a six people were shot at the after-hours establishment in East Price Hill Sunday morning.

The shooting happened just after 5 a.m. near the intersection of Warsaw and McPherson avenues, in the 3700 block of Warsaw Avenue, just across from Kroger.

Lt. Don Luck, who is investigating the case, said that the altercation happened inside the building, which was being rented from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. for a one-time event.

Jerome Taylor, a 47-year-old man who was running the illegal bar, was charged Sunday afternoon for having weapons under disability. Taylor had two loaded handguns while operating the one-room, temporary bar, according to police.

Taylor is not thought to be a suspect in the shooting though, police said. He does, however, have a record in the area as he is the main suspect in a Price Hill shooting in January that left a man hospitalized. He is out of jail on bond and under indictment for attempted murder.

Five males and one female were shot when Luck said, a witness-described black male came in to the private party and opened fire. It's unclear whether or not shots were returned or if the suspect shot all six victims.

At the time, police are looking for one shooter, who fled the scene immediately following the shooting. Eye witnesses have not given police a name or any further information about the shooter. Luck said that they do know that the suspect was not part of the party, which included alcohol.

"We don't have anything concrete on the suspect right now. Nobody's given us the name or a possible name or anything like that," Luck said.

Luck said that he suspects the shooter's intended target was a male who remains in critical condition in the hospital. It's estimated that he may be in for two weeks recovering. Two other male victims are in serious condition and are also still in the hospital. Three victims, including one female, were released Sunday.

One of the male victims left District 3's police station on crutches around 1 p.m. after his interview with detectives. His left toes pushed through the white bandages wrapped around his foot. As he limped to a red car that a female was driving, he carried a clear bag full of clothes and personal items, which were partially saturated in blood.

After the shooting Sunday morning, police obtained a warrant to go inside for their investigation. The crime scene unit was on the scene for most of the day.

From inside the crime scene, Luck described it as a "wreck." He said the "single-room bar" had broken glass, blood, overturned tables and chairs and shell casings all over the floor. He said when he walked in, he saw a bar to the left, a table the right and two restrooms.

Luck said that they have had problems with this establishment before and have shut it down in the past. They were in the process of doing so again.

"We've had problems with the location. We have conducted investigations on that premise," said Luck. "We've already shut it down once and very sporadically it's being rented out for parties and we're looking into that aspect of it now."

Neighbors said the establishment is usually open Friday and Saturday nights, and has been for the last six months.

"When we become aware of somebody operating an after-hours establishment where they charge admission, they sell liquor; we do as much as we can to shut it down," said Luck.

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