Dad of murdered 2-year-old says death could have been stopped

CINCINNATI - The man arrested for killing his girlfriend's son has been denied bond.

Anthony Lee Pierson appeared Thursday morning in Hamilton County Municipal Court to answer to charges for beating the 2-year-old, James Lee Livesay, to death. Pierson, who was arrested Wednesday, was the live-in boyfriend of the boy's mother.

9 News spoke with the boy's father, Robert Livesay, who says the murder could've been stopped.

Robert told 9 News his children had been coming home with black eyes. He says this isn't the first time James had been hurt.

"Last July, he was in the hospital for being kicked in the chest. The cops told me, detectives told me, that they had not had enough evidence to convict him. They dropped the case. And they told me, Child Protective Services told me, and Pamela, that he was not allowed in the Park, or allowed around my kids," said Robert.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office wouldn't comment on if Pierson had been banned from the mobile home park.

A friend of Robert, Brandi Ohmer, says the children's mother, Pamela Burton, would make up stories about what happened to the kids. She said Pierson would "basically torture that kid," in reference to James.

"She's just as much to blame. Even though she's not the one who actually physically hurt James, she was there. She was there since 1:00 when she got out of school, and she knew what was going on, and she did nothing to protect those kids. Nothing," said Ohmer.

Hamilton County Job and Family Services spokesman Brian Gregg says the department had previous contact with the family. He says the department investigated a complaint last summer and determined the children were safe.

Three other children in the home, all girls ages 4, 5, and 7 are in the custody of Burton's sister.

Robert was visibly shaken by the death of his son. He says he now wants revenge.

"This should have never happened," he said.

Burton wasn't present for the hearing.

James was found unresponsive in a home at Village Green trailer park in the 7500 block of School Road Monday afternoon.

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