Cyber Monday means big business for Walton shipping company

WALTON, Ky. - Online merchants are looking to have record sales on Cyber Monday and that means big business for one Tri-State company.

"We're expecting a huge day," said Ron Livingood, Senior Director of Operations for GSI Commerce. "We've got about 700 folks in the building right now. We are looking to hire another 300 people to help us through the holiday season. We are looking for a huge, huge day today."

GSI Commerce in Walton, Ky., is a shipping and packing company for 14 retail companies. Once an online order is placed, workers will have it ready for shipping within an hour. On Monday, Livingood said they expect to process more than 70,000 boxes.

GSI is still looking for helping hands. To apply for a job, stop by  GSI Commerce located at 40 Logistics Boulevard in Walton between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

"We do on the spot interviewing. If you come in, you get interviewed immediately," Livingood said. "If you pass the interview, we pass you through a background and a drug test. You'll start within 48 hours."

Even if you're hired as a seasonal employee, it could lead to a long term position.

"One of the big benefits that we offer is when we have openings for full time positions, we draw those folks from the seasonal ranks," Livingood said. "So the seasonals that have the best productivity, attendance, they will have an opportunity to work full time."

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